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Personal Preferences in Usage

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Personal Preferences in Usage

Four Personal Preferences That Determine Which Audios You'll Enjoy the Most and Therefore Actually Use


1. Covering sounds

This is largely a matter of personal preference. It’s usually nature sounds or music.  Remember, you’ll be hearing it over and over and over.  So watch out for music you’ll get tired of.  Nature sounds are usually a safer bet, since they fade into the background and allow you to concentrate or sleep without interruption.  And you can have music of your choice on another player or on radio or TV. 


2. Announcements

I don’t know about you, but when I lie back and put my feet up and settle in for a nice snooze or bath, or quiet time with a book, the last thing I want to hear is some announcer droning:  “You are listening to Such-and-Such Topic, a So-and-So brand tape, produced by the What’s-It Company.”  This is no place for a commercial!  I don’t even want him to tell me exactly how I should lie back and relax my body parts.  That’s fine for a talk tape, or even a subliminal the first time you hear it.  But once you’ve got the routine down pat, once you’ve drifted into that sweet limbo, and your tape or CD on a repeat cycle comes round to the start again, that voice can jolt you right through the ceiling.  And by the time you’ve heard it a jillion times you may be ready to commit mayhem.  So much for stress reduction!


My point is this.  Lots of the programs have announcements.  Some people may want them, though I can’t imagine why.  If you aren’t one of them, be sure your tape or CD doesn’t have any.  (We at Alphasonics pledge never to bother you with any talk!)


3. Hypnosis

Some tapes have hypnosis on one side and subliminals on the other, while others are subliminal on both sides.  Decide in advance what you want so you won’t have any surprises when you unwrap your tape and pop it into the player. Hypnosis is a tremendously valuable technique and we have great respect for professional hypnotherapists, many of whom offer our programs to clients as powerful reinforcement between visits.  Yet, for a hypnosis tape or CD there are a few inevitable limitations:  For one thing, hypnosis is spoken aloud on a single track, so only the minimal number of messages is possible.  Secondly, hypnosis involves the conscious (as well as the subconscious) part of the mind and so cannot completely bypass your resistance to change, as subliminals do. The practitioners we know who’ve used both with patients have found Alphasonics subliminals more powerful than hypnosis. So a hypnosis side would probably decrease, not increase the effectiveness.

Also, hypnosis cannot be used while you do other activities, and the spoken words can get tiresome when heard over and over.  There are other advantages to subliminals on both sides, as you can see below.


4. Subliminal for the entire program?

There are no spoken interruptions.  If you are using a tape, you can use an auto-reverse tape player to keep it going seamlessly while you work, rest, meditate, or sleep. Or you can use a continuous play function for a CD. This extra convenience usually means you will use it many more hours.  That in turn will bring you the best possible results.