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The Seven Most FAQS About Subliminals

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The Seven Most Frequently Asked Questions About Subliminals


1. Has it been proven that subliminal messages affect us? 

Yes!  The Drs. Shulman investigated the reports of thousands of experiments and tests involving subliminal stimulation, proving that they do. Actually we have thousands of subliminal messages affecting us everyday, whether we are aware of it or not.


2. How often should I play these programs? 

 One to three hours daily at a minimum.  Increasing the number of hours will bring even faster results. It’s important not to skip a day!  Play them while you go about your daily activities so they do not take time out of your life. They work by repetition so the more you listen, the faster you will see results.


3. When can I expect results?  This depends on three factors: your receptivity to suggestion, how much resistance you have to each specific change, and how you use the program.  With Alphasonics programs, which work faster than others, most people notice some progress within a few days.  For some individuals it takes three to six weeks or longer.  Others notice a difference in hours and reach their objectives in weeks.  Once you achieve your goal, continue playing it for at least three weeks to make the new habits your own.  Then you can taper off and use it from time to time as reinforcement.


4. Are they recommended for children?

  Yes!  Children are even more receptive to the benefits than adults because they are still so open, not yet set in their patterns of thinking.  All Alphasonics programs have underlying themes of self esteem and inner calm that are wonderful for getting the best start in life.


5. Do I need expensive equipment? 

No, ordinary equipment will be fine.  Stereo is important for best results with Alphasonics programs because of the different channels for right and left brain hemispheres.  Use speakers whenever earphones are inconvenient, although you do get about 20% more benefit with earphones. You can listen on speakers for more hours and then use earphones when you are able for that extra benefit.


6. Can these programs be duplicated

Although they can be played on ordinary equipment, high quality tapes cannot be duplicated on standard home equipment without so much loss of quality that they would be ineffective. Alphasonics programs utilize many layers of subtle tones and frequencies. CDs can be downloaded into your computer and then transferred to a personal player (iPod or such) as long as the format is not compressed. AIFF is an approved format as it does not compress the file. Duplication by the consumer is against the law, plus it voids all guarantees and warranties.  It also violates all ethics and the relationship of mutual trust we have established with our customers.


7. Do subliminals work best during sleep? 

Since parts of your brain shut down during sleep, our tapes and CDs are generally more effective while you are awake, but you can still get benefits from them while sleeping.  They do work especially well when you are relaxed.  The relaxing ones can help you get better sleep.  Avoid high energy titles like “Peak Performance” at night, though, as they may keep you awake. We have found that programs that are designed to get you to stop doing something or start doing something work better when you are awake and able to act accordingly. Those programs that are aimed at having you think or feel differently but do not require action may be used during the day or night.